Foreign manufacturers of articles of precious metal

Information about possible ways to act for manufacturers within EEA concerning marketing of articles of precious metal in Denmark.

Following three options are presented to interested manufacturers:

  1. The manufacturer may want to work with a domestic Danish responsibility mark. This has to be obtained by a legal person situated in Denmark, who will be responsible for the conformity of the articles with respect to the Danish regulation. Further it will be a consequence that import of the articles will be subject to inspection and control of the Danish Assay Office.
  2. The manufacturer may wish to exploit regulations of the internal market within EEA. Articles from other countries within EEA are deemed to be equivalent with articles manufactured in Denmark which are subject to the inspection of the Danish Assay Office if certain provision about marking and control of the articles given in the Danish regulations are fulfilled. According to the provisions the responsibility mark shall be notified to the Danish Assay Office in order to secure, that it can not be confused with another responsibility mark already used for articles of precious metal. The regulations assume that this notification is done by the legal person who wishes to sell the articles in Denmark. This includes that all correspondence from the Assay Office will be in Danish language. The legislation is available in an English translation on the website of the Danish Product Contact Point.
  3. Articles of precious metal hallmarked with the CCM-mark may be marketed in Denmark without any obstacles.

The Danish Assay Office hopes that this information may guide you adequately that you may choose the right thing to do for your company.